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Sanitation Dept

North Little Rock will always provide excellent sanitation service and that's not changing. But as of January 1st, 2014 we are asking our residents to help us reduce our fees when we drop off stuff at the landfill. By separating our green waste (yard clippings, bagged leaves, branches, etc.) from all the other bulky items (couches, mattresses, chairs, tables, etc.) we hope to make our sanitation service more efficient. Please refer to the PDF for more information and more detailed descriptions of the changes.

NLR Leaf Curbside Vacuum Service

As of Thursday morning, Dec. 11th. The Leaf trucks have finally gotten into Area 2. They will be there for more than a week. They will be heading into Area 3, no earlier than Monday, December 22nd. As everyone is aware, the last couple weeks saw the majority of the leaves come down. For comparison sake, the last time the trucks went through Area 2 they did it in 3 days.

Check back here and on our Facebook page for updated scheduling information every Monday.
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  • 500 W. 13th Street
    North Little Rock, AR 72114
    Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday
    Phone: (501) 371-8340
    Fax: (501) 371-8348

    Public Works General Information: 371-8345

  • Sanitation :
    • Garbage, Rubbish, Yard Waste 371-8340
      Curbside Recycling 565-0191
      Hazardous Material Center 371-8340
      Seasonal Loose Leaf Program 371-8340
  • Street Department : 340-5356

  • Traffic Department : 340-5352

  • Engineering : 371-8339

  • Safety Officer : 371-8330

  • Vehicle Maintenance : 340-5371

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    find a dropoff for household hazardous waste
    find a drop off for recycling
    get a list of items to Recycle
    schedule a pickup for leaves after February 27th
    see the Recycle days of service
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    Mission Statement

    The City of North Little Rock Sanitation Department's purpose is to provide "Outstanding Customer Service and High Quality Solid Waste Management" for the citizens of North Little Rock to maintain the health and safety of the community.

    Services Provided

    Weekly collections and disposal/recycling of household brush/yard-waste (which includes limbs, bagged leaves and grass clippings), bulky items (which includes carpet, mattresses, appliances, including refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers with compressors removed), plywood, landscape timbers (not R. R. crossties) and recreational equipment.

    Weekly collections and disposal of household garbage (which includes cardboard boxes, clothing items and other properly containerized household garbage). Overall, the Department services approximately 22,000 residences and approximately 680 light industrial customers within the City of North Little Rock each week.

    Curbside collections of loose leaves via vacuum truck during the late fall - winter months.

    Find a drop off for hazardous waste

    In conjunction with the Pulaski County Regional Recycling and Waste Reduction District (PCRRWRD), NLR Sanitation offers a household hazardous waste drop-off center for oil, antifreeze, gasoline, fluorescent bulbs and some electronics. For more information concerning County-Wide collection sites and schedules, contact PCRRWRD at (501) 340-8787 or

    Find a drop off for Recycling

    A Drop-off recycling (which includes newsprint, magazines, cardboard, plastics, aluminum cans, etc.) center is located at Kroger Food Stores(2509 McCain Blvd.). For additional County-wide drop-off site locations, contact PCRRWRD at (501) 340-8787 or

    Please call the P.W. hotline number and select option 3 for the most current location of the leaf vac. trucks. Leaves must be raked or blown to within six feet of the curb. Do not block the curb with a vehicle or any other obstruction, otherwise, the vacuum crews cannot get to the leaves. Do not mix tree limbs or anything else with the leaves as they can damage the equipment. Please do not block sidewalks. If the leaves are wet, they can be slippery and dangerous to pedestrians. Do not put leaves in the street, as they are a major cause of blockage in the storm drains. Bagged leaves are picked up weekly on your regular yard waste day.

    Department Contacts

    Harold D. Ford, Director
    (501) 371-8332

    Caroline Prentice,Senior Office Assistant
    (501) 371-8340

    City of North Little Rock
    City Services

    120 Main Street
    P.O. BOX 936
    North Little Rock, AR 72115
    Phone: (501) 975-8888




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