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Current Job Listings

Applications may be obtained in the Human Resources Department, City Services Bldg., 120 Main St. , 3rd floor, NLR, AR., 72114 and must be completed and returned by the closing date. Late applications will not be accepted.
Job-related test, interviews or other types of selection methods may be administered in order to determine whether an applicant possesses the required knowledge, skill and ability.
A thorough background check and other necessary screening will be made on all persons selected for hire.
After all other requirements have been satisfactorily met offers of hire are conditioned on satisfactory completion of a job-related physical exam, including a drug screen.
As An equal employment opportunity employer, the City of North Little Rock is seeking qualified black and female applicants.

The CITY OF NORTH LITTLE ROCK is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER and, as such, does not discriminate in its employment practices on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, national origin or disability.

Job Line (501) 975-3724
Fire Department Recruiter (501)340-5377
Police Department Recruiter (501) 812-5106

Current Job Listings Summary

PT Clerk/Teller - Utilities Accounting Department - 14048

Application Deadline: 5/5/2014 4:00 PM

Pay: $10.25 /hr.

Hours: Part Time/ Hours will vary within normal work day

A skills test and/or quiz to demonstrate or verify the required level of knowledge, skills and abilities will be administered on Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 at 9:00 A.M. in large meeting room at the North Little Rock Community Center, 2700 Willow St, NLR, AR. Please allow approximately a hour and a half (1.5) to complete the test. TESTING IS ALLOWED ONCE EVERY 6 MONTHS, PREVIOUS TEST CAN BE USED UP TO A YEAR. This is the only notice to test that you will receive. Driver‘¦s license or other photo ID is required for admittance to the test.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NEEDED TO APPLY: High School Diploma or equivalent (copy required with application) One year related experience as a cashier/teller. Must have no felony convictions and be capable of being bonded.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES SUMMARY: Serves as part-time teller or clerk.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Serves as teller: receives cash and checks as payment of water and electric bills, both over the counter and at the drive-in window; checks monies against bill stub for accuracy; marks account number on check; balances stubs and monies; enters payment data into computer system via terminal; assists or directs customers to other offices as needed; receives payments for returned checks and previous outstanding balances owed; balances daily receipts and forwards cash and checks to Senior Accounting Clerk. Provides clerical support: files departmental documents and cards; checks paperwork from Electric and Water departments; prepares work orders for filing; checks print-outs of all work done on computer; checks new accounts to be set up on computer; edits print-out for errors. Assists in mail room: opens and sorts incoming mail, operating mail opening machine; opens remittance processor, keys amount of check; checks remittances from daily mail for errors if necessary; writes account number on checks; runs tape, balances and processes; operates micro-fiche camera.

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Parks Maintenance Worker- Parks Maintenance Dept. - 14046

Application Deadline: 4/24/2014 4:00 PM

Pay: $9.52/hr.- $16.10/hr. DOE

Hours: Full time

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NEEDED TO APPLY: • Six (6) – Twelve (12) months experience performing heavy manual labor outdoors on a daily basis. • Valid AR Class D Driver's License and good driving record. • Must have good work history.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES SUMMARY: Assists with parks maintenance by performing manual labor and semi-skilled duties.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: • Maintains park facilities: assists with repair of parks buildings and facilities; assists with plumbing repair and/or replacement of fixtures such as water heaters, lavatories, sinks, showers, and faucets; changes light bulbs; assists with maintenance of swimming pools, and weight rooms; assists with painting park buildings, playground equipment, picnic facilities, and pools; cleans restrooms in park system. • Maintains park grounds: assists with and provides manual and semi-skilled labor for grounds maintenance, landscaping, and mowing operations: mows grass; trims and prunes bushes and trees; uses weedeater and other similar equipment; general grounds maintenance; picks up litter on park grounds; assists on park garbage truck as needed. • Assists with construction: assists in the construction of sidewalks, walls and other stone, brick, block or concrete structures; performs rough carpentry tasks. • Maintains storm and sewer systems: assists with digging, installing, cleaning, and maintaining storm and sewer systems in the park system.

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Mayor's Summer Youth Program 2014 - 14042

Application Deadline: 4/30/2014 4:00 PM

Pay: $7.25 per hour

Hours: Hours will vary

Only full time high school and college students who are age 16 - 24 years and reside in North Little Rock will be considered.

Positions filled by Mayoral appointment.

Deadline: Wednesday April 30, 2014, 4:00 P.M. Pay: $7.25 per hour -

CLERICAL Types of duties include: typing, filing, answering phones, greeting the public, word processing/data entry, using calculator, operating copy machine, opening mail, etc. EXPERIENCE AND/OR RELATED HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE COURSES PREFERRED. Some positions require 18 years minimum age. *****************

LABORERS Types of duties include: general cleanup, picking up trash, janitorial duties, running errands, weedeating, mowing, trimming, light hauling, painting, sign maintenance, landscaping, etc. EXPERIENCE PREFERRED. MOST POSITIONS REQUIRE A VALID DRIVER'S LICENSE AND SAFE DRIVING RECORD Some positions require 18 years minimum age. *****************

RECREATION Types of duties include: Assists Recreation Program Leaders with Summer Activity Program at the community centers, assist with recreational activities, monitors children during various recreational activities (arts, sports, games, field trips, etc.), assist with keeping attendance records and cleanliness of the facility, etc. *****************

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Concession Worker II -Parks & Recreation Department /Concessions Dept.- 14049

Application Deadline: 4/24/2014 4:00 PM

Pay: $7.75/Hr

Hours: Intermittent/Part Time

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Oversees and operates carnival rides, tickets, concession and food preparation equipment, prepares and sells tickets, concession and food items and prepares rides.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: • Must be 18 years of age or older. • One year experience in working concessions preferred. • Valid Class D (non-intermediate) driver’s license and good driving record are required and must be maintained throughout employment.

OTHER SKILLS AND ABILITIES: • Ability to maintain personal cleanliness and hygiene. • Knowledge of health standard related to cleanliness of concession areas. • Ability to count money and make change.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: • Coordinates the preparation and operation of assigned ride area, ticket sales, and concession food area, including the proper handling and balancing of cash receipts and program reports; prepares food and concession items for other sites as necessary. • Operates ride area, ticket sales, concession and food preparation equipment in a safe manner. • Cleans rides, concession areas, concession buildings, and refills paper towel, toilet paper in the restrooms as directed on a daily basis. • Supervises one or two Concession Worker I in sale and preparation of concession and food items.

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Accounting Clerk Senior/Payroll- Finance Dept. - 14038

Application Deadline: 4/22/2014 4:00 PM

Pay: $11.36/hr - $19.01/hr DOE

Hours: Full Time

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NEEDED TO APPLY: • AA/AS in Bookkeeping or related area and two years directly related accounting technician experience in processing large payrolls; OR high school diploma or GED and four years directly related accounting technician experience and/or training in processing large payrolls; OR equivalent combination of education and experience.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Processes City payrolls and related documents.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: • Processes payrolls: computes and processes bi-weekly payroll for all City employees using current payroll software; computes pension plan, deductions, and benefits for payment; prepares payroll worksheets; distributes paychecks; balances current payroll register and subsidiary report schedules. • Provides other bookkeeping and clerical support for Finance Department: types documents, reports, and letters; establishes and maintains permanent and working files; cuts checks and makes disbursements; assists Accounts Payable Clerks and Accountant. • Monitors insurance files: keeps current records on various insurances held by each employee; remits monies to insurance companies; serves as liaison between insurance agents and employees; manages correspondence with insurance companies. • Performs support bookkeeping tasks: prepares garnishments, IRS levy and child support payments; prepares expense vouchers on taxes, pension, and payroll for payment; enters and retrieves payroll data via computer terminal or PC. • Processes tax forms and payments: submits federal withholding tax payments; prepares and submits state tax payments monthly; prepares and submits FICA payments at each pay period; makes void/add check entries for W-2 adjustments and monitors W-2 and W-4 forms, including reissue. • Prepares summary reports: prepares payroll reports and/or worksheet summaries with references to automatic and manual deductions and benefits; compiles financial data for monthly and annual reports; prepares monthly reports.

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Lifeguard - Parks and Recreation - 14022

Application Deadline: 4/28/2014 4:00 PM

Pay: $8.00/hr

Hours: Part time, hours will vary

Additional $0.25/hr for Water Safety Instructor Certification

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NEEDED TO APPLY: • Must be 16 years of age or older; • Must have completed the American Red Cross Lifeguard course and be certified or eligible for certification before date of employment. CPR for the Professional Rescuer is required and must be maintained throughout employment. (SUBMIT CERTIFICATES WITH APPLICATION) If not yet certified, submit receipt for class with application.

Applicants meeting the above-stated minimum qualifications are rated on length and quality of experience & training and a good work history of honesty, stability, & dependability. Those applicants whose experience or training provides the knowledge, skills, & abilities described below will be given first consideration for this position.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Ensures the safety of swimmers in the City pools.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Pool Safety and Operations: monitors pool area activities at all times, taking necessary action to maintain safe conditions and to ensure the safety of pool patrons; uses proper lifesaving techniques as necessary to rescue swimmers in trouble; administers proper first aid techniques as needed; enforces pool rules and regulations to ensure the safety of pool patrons; assists in the cleaning of the shower rooms and pool facilities; assists certified Water Safety Instructor with swimming lessons; performs other related duties as assigned.

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Pool Manager - Parks and Recreation Dept. - 14020

Application Deadline: 4/22/2014 4:00 PM

Pay: $9.25/hr.

Hours: Part-Time

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NEEDED TO APPLY: • High school diploma or equivalent. • Three (3) years experience as a lifeguard and swimming instructor. • Must have completed and passed the American Red Cross Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor courses and be certified or be eligible for certification as a WSI before date of employment. CPR for the Professional Rescuer is required and must be maintained throughout employment. Certified Pool Operator Certification preferred. (SUBMIT CERTIFICATES WITH APPLICATION) • An Arkansas Class D driver's license and good driving record.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Supervises the activities of one of the City swimming pools during the pool season.


Pool Operation: plans, organizes, and supervises the operations of the pool; supervises the enforcement of pool rules and regulations to ensure the safety of patrons; trains and supervises lifeguards and concession workers; test water and related equipment to conform to operating policies of the Health Department; supervises and assists with the cleaning and filling of the pool; supervises and assists in the backwashing of the filters; requisitions pool supplies and equipment and informs superiors of necessary repairs; performs other related duties as required or as directed by Aquatic Supervisor.

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Assistant Pool Manager - Parks and Recreation - 14021

Application Deadline: 4/22/2014 4:00 PM

Pay: $8.25/hr

Hours: Part time, hours will vary

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NEEDED TO APPLY: • Two (2) years or more experience as a lifeguard. • Must have completed and passed the American Red Cross Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor courses and be certified or be eligible for certification as a WSI before date of employment. CPR for the Professional Rescuer is required and must be maintained throughout employment. (SUBMIT CERTIFICATES WITH APPLICATION)

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Assists the Swimming Pool Manager in supervision of pool operation and serves as lifeguard.


Assists in Pool Operation: assists Swimming Pool Manager in supervision of the pool operation; patrols pool area to ensure safe operation of the pool; serves as lifeguard as needed, performing all duties of Lifeguard; checks for proper maintenance of equipment and sanitation of pools and shower facilities; assists in training lifeguards; instructs swimming classes; keeps records of pool operations and prepares necessary reports; performs other related duties as required or as directed by Pool Manager and/or Aquatics Supervisor.

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Light Equipment Operator - Street Dept. - 14040

Application Deadline: 4/28/2014 4:00 PM

Pay: $10.41 Hr ($1804 Mo) - $13.15 Hr ($2280 Mo) DOE

Hours: Full time

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: • Valid Class A CDL with no restrictions and a good driving record. * • One (1) year of directly related experience operating light equipment. * NOTE: Qualified applicants who do not possess the required license may be hired conditioned on their obtaining the required license within 90 days of hire.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Serves on any of three crews and operates a variety of light equipment used in the installation, repair, and maintenance of City streets and other related City properties.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: • Operates equipment on any one of three crews: Operates rubber tire front end loader, asphalt spreader, oil distributor, mower, bushhog with tractor, street sweeper, poison spray rig, boom truck, backhoe, flush truck, forklift, and vacall; rubber tire roller, bulldozer, track front end loader; salt/sand spreader and snow plow; a gradall excavator or motor grader; assists the Heavy Equipment Operator with the operation of the asphalt paver by working controls on the rear of the paver; • Drives various vehicles: a ½ ton or Ύ ton pickup, 1 ton flat bed dump truck, 6 yd, 10 yd, or 14 yd tandem axle dump truck; tractor with dump trailer or lowboy trailer, 2 ton flat bed dump truck, a tractor-trailer rig or tractor with a gooseneck trailer. • Loads and unloads equipment. • Uses hand tools or equipment: uses a shovel and compactor; chainsaw, jackhammer, sledgehammer, limbsaw, axe, pick, rake, and Kaiserblade; weedeater, lopping shears, pitchfork, and street broom.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist - Community Planning - 14052

Application Deadline: 4/30/2014 4:00 PM

Pay: $26,398 ($2199 /mo) to $44,936 ($3744 /mo) DOE

Hours: Full time position with Benefits

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NEEDED TO APPLY: • BA/BS in Geography, Geographic Information Systems, Computer Science or related field; or Minor in Geographic Information Systems, Land Surveying Technology, or Remote Sensing. (copy of transcript required with application) • Coursework or OJT training in ESRI ArcGIS GIS software required. • AutoCad Map preferred • Experience in the use of GIS software, Windows 2000/2003 computer system management. • Valid class D driver’s license and a good driving record.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES SUMMARY: Provides geographic information system (GIS) support for the Community Planning Department and other City departments and officials. Provides computer system management for the Planning Department.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: • Geocoding, Data Conversion, Data Processing, and Data Analysis: performs highly-technical geographic analysis, reports and maps; retrieves and converts digital information from a variety of data formats; gathers information, conducts surveys, enters data, performs computer data analysis and prepares various reports, survey analyses, and business correspondence; graphics preparation for the department, the public and elected officials • Computer System Management: performs systematic protection and back-up functions; performs GIS system and Windows NT environment troubleshooting and repair. • Responds to public information requests: provides information or documentation in response to requests from the public in area of responsibility.

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Application Deadline: 4/22/2014 4:00 PM

Pay: $19,045.78 to $30,872.92 Annually D.O.E.


MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NEEDED TO APPLY: • High school diploma or GED equivalent; and 18 months experience and/or training in recreational or related activities. • Basic knowledge and skill or a personal computer and word processing or spreadsheet software. • Valid AR Class D Driver's License and good driving record

• Certified therapeutic recreation specialist (CTRS) Certification preferred or eligible to set for exam within 1 year of hire.

• Knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act and its applications.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES SUMMARY: Assists Program Supervisor in planning, organizing, and implementing recreational programs.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: • Plans, Organizes and Implements Recreation Programs: plans, organizes and directs recreational activities for participants of various age groups; monitors equipment condition and maintains inventory of supplies; assists with special events such as Easter Egg hunt, carnivals, and boxing tournaments as necessary; assists Program Supervisor in conducting surveys, program evaluations and assessments and preparing narrative reports. • Facilitates Activities: issues equipment and supplies to participants; drives participants to various sites for activities; collects data from recreational programs (including numbers, ages of participants, monies received, etc.) for monthly reports; encourage appropriate participant behavior through reinforcement of rules, regulations and ordinances; provides task supervision for Recreation Program Aides, volunteers, and contractors; assists in collection of fees for various recreational programs. • Performs Maintenance/Janitorial Duties: sets up tables, chairs, and other equipment for programs and special events; takes down and sets up activity equipment as required to make the space available for other use; assists with cleaning of recreational facilities such as community centers, tennis courts, pools and amusement park. • Therapeutic Recreation: Plans, implements and evaluates adaptive recreation and leisure activities for children and adults (especially for those with physical and/or mental disabilities); ensures recreation programs provide accessibility to various recreational activities for youth and adults, develop curricula and teaching methods that utilize recreation and leisure activities and adjust to the individual needs of the program participants, create positive environment promoting social and recreational opportunities, enhance physical performance and promote community integration.

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Assistant Golf Professional - Parks Golf Department - 14045

Application Deadline: 4/21/2014 4:00 PM

Pay: $26,398-$44,937 D.O.E.

Hours: Full Time

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: • Must be a PGA/ LPGA member or apprentice in good standing with the PGA/LPGA of America. • At least two years of experience in golf shop operations including management and supervisory experience and two years teaching experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience. • A Class D driver's license and good driving record are required and must be maintained throughout employment.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES SUMMARY: Assists the Golf Professional with daily operations of the golf courses by performing the following duties.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: • Assists the Golf Professional with daily operations of the golf courses: assists in Golf Clubhouse and golf cart operations, with the driving range, tournaments and clinics; assists in the general operation, set up, and daily maintenance of golf course; officiates and organizes tournaments; conducts clinics and gives golf instructions. • Assists the Golf Professional with daily reports: checks data for golf shop receipts and greens fees for both courses; helps verify weekly time cards; prepares weekly summary reports, activity reports, and financial reports. • Assists Golf professional with accounting of funds: balances daily receipts and other monies; prepares deposits; verifies financial paper work daily as necessary. • Assists Golf Professional with daily task supervision: provides task supervision of all golf clubhouse personnel, all maintenance personnel, starters, and rangers.

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