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City of North Little Rock eAccount

Online Utililty Account Access and Bill Payment

With e-Account, North Little Rock Electric customers can view and pay utillity bills at their convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, either on the phone or on the web.

Click here to access eAccount

Click on a topic for more information:
  • Who may use this service?

  • What account information can I view using the online system?

  • What information do I need to start using the online system?

  • How do I pay using the telephone?

  • Are there additional costs involved in using this service?
  • .
  • Is this now the only option I have to pay my NLR Electric Bill?

  • What is a PIN Number and why do I need one?

  • How do I get a PIN Number?

  • How can I change my PIN Number?

  • What if I forget my PIN number?

  • Will I still receive my electric bill in the postal mail?

  • What if I have received a shut-off notice?

  • What if I need to ask for an extension?

PDF Document Convenient Pay Instructions - You may find these instructions helpful.

New First Time Customers - Click here to fill out the PIN Number Request Form

Forgot your Pin? Click Retrieve Pin and it will be emailed to you.

Please DO NOT pay a bill from a SHUTOFF NOTICE.
Please DO NOT pay a delinquent bill on or after the cutoff date.

  • Note: A flat rate of $3.45 per transaction will be added to your total payment on and after 1/1/2010. This is a direct result of credit card corporations’ operational policy changes in 2009 These changes clarify a credit card company does not allow variable rates, it must be a fixed rate fee and the fee is to apply to all collection modes. This was adopted by our City Council December 2009, effective January 1, 2010. North Little Rock does not keep any of this fee.
  • Click icon to access eAccount

    Existing eAccount users can click the icon below to log on and view their account balance

    available in English or Spanish
    OR Pay by Telephone calling 501-975-8889 and follow the voice prompts

    Tele-Works, Inc. is a business partner with North Little Rock City Services for the presentment of account balance information. CSI (Collector Solutions Inc.) is a business partner with North Little Rock City Services for the acceptance of convenient on-line (or over the phone) payment methods made possible by using a third party payment processing system. A third party convenience fee (also known as a transaction fee) is necessary to cover the cost of processing payments by CSI. This fee is set by CSI and paid to CSI. North Little Rock does not retain any portion of this fee. NLR shall have the right to serve notice as part of the billing process when any action or dispute that results in a ‘credit hold’ or ‘charge back’ on funds will be considered as a non-payment of the customer’s account and may result in assessed penalties, in addition to disruption of service for non-payment.

    City of North Little Rock
    City Services

    120 Main Street
    P.O. BOX 936
    North Little Rock, AR 72115
    Phone: (501) 975-8888




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